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Gay Porn With Zeb Atlas

Wednesday, October 29th, 2014

zeApart from one outing in August 2014, Jessie Colter hasn’t been seen on the scene since right back in March. And he’s been missed. I wondered where he has been and what he had been doing so I went off and did a search around and found that he’s made other movies for other companies. He often gets listed as a ‘power bottom’, and he’s even done some fisting scenes. So I assume he’s been away working. He’s not an exclusive model for the company after all. But, here at Men-Porn, we last saw him at the college of cock, Big Dicks At School, hanging out and being ass-banged by Troy Collins, and before that, doing the Str8 To Gay thing with Zeb Atlas. And now, he’s back on our screens in a scene for Drill My Hole titled ‘Car Thief.’ In this standalone scene he appears with Shay Michaels.

Whereas Jessie Colter has made around 43 scenes for the company, Zeb Atlas has made only four. He is not an exclusive model to this site either so he may well have been making other hot movies for other companies too. For though, started off back in July 2012 with a couple of porn scenes topping Mitch Vaughn and others and then vanished for a couple of years, returning earlier this year and now arriving back on our screens for DMH. Shay is a fit and slightly furry versatile guy with a cut cock and a mean look.
And in this scene he’s the guy who owns the car that’s being broken into by gay Jessie Colter. There’s a kind of storyline here but it goes past faster than an express train on greased wheels. Something about Jessie breaking into the car to get back some photos that Shay has been using for blackmail, or something and then we’re inside and Shay is throwing the other guy into a chair. A bit more fast dialogue wizzes past and then there’s a cut and… Well, you don’t need to worry about the story here. Less than one minute in and we’ve got Jessie Colter going down on Shay Michaels’ seven and a half inch cut cock, and we’re into the action good and proper.

That action takes us through a good long suck fest where gay pornstar Zeb Atlas strips off, revealing his hairy torso, forces Jessie’s head down over his cock punishing him for his misdemeanour. He also has a taste for cock though and there’s no point having a victim doing your every will if you don’t get your own pleasure from him, so Shay sucks Jessie some, but for his own gratification you understand. And there’s more pleasure to be taken when Shay is ready to feel some tight ass around his shaft. With Jessie bent over and his long cock lubed and ready, he starts fucking his captive hard and long.

He’s got Jessie in the chair, on his back on the floor, bending this way and that and using his ass any way he wants. The real hardcore part of this scene starts around half way through, at about ten minutes in and it runs on right to the end, so you sure do get a lot of ass-banging here. Both Shay Michaels and Zeb Atlas put in good, solid gay porn performances here, showing that although they may have been on a break for a while, they’ve lost none of their sex-scene appeal.