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Special Gay Porn Day With Pornstar Colby Keller

Thursday, October 30th, 2014

colGods of Men, out of the network, does not offer new films as often as some other sites on the network, but when they do, they deliver some great scenes with the most gorgeous men on the planet. Their latest film is called Special Day, and stars the 6’2″, bearded hunk Colby Keller. He is paired in this video with Antonio Aguilera, who is only doing his second movie for Gods of Men.

(Antonio is someone you will enjoy once the gay porn action begins. Check out his first movie The Magic Box that he did with Goran over on the Drill My Hole site. Better yet, join Gods of Men and get access to the whole network of sites.) In Special Day we are treated to a bit of a story with our hardcore porn. Here we find Antonio working at home. He is constantly looking down at a small box that is wrapped all pretty with a ribbon. You can tell he finds that box to be something special. Colby walks in, having just gotten off the phone where he just made arrangements for tickets for a night out with his friends. Colby Keller is thrilled with his plans, but Antonio seems moody and says nothing. Then he asks how Colby could have forgotten that today is their anniversary. Colby apologizes and wonders what he can do to make up for forgetting such a special day.
Music plays in the background as Colby Keller goes down on Antonio’s eight and a half inch dick, gentle and loving as he sucks the whole of that massive organ. Soon Antonio is naked, showing of his perfect body, all dark and smooth – including his closely shaved groin area. Keller deep throats the huge uncut gay cock for a long time before he gets naked himself. Then he bends over the table and within seconds Antonio is deep inside his tight ass. Then it is dark and light pounding back and forth. Positions change and Colby rides the dark cock while Antonio lays on the table, his own porn cock standing at attention, his white nuts slapping over and over against Antonio’s dark ones. This continues for a good long time, until finally our two hunks release loads of cum all over the place.

After the two men have recovered from their frantic lovemaking, Antonio gives Colby Keller his anniversary gift: the pretty box with the ribbon. Doesn’t quite match the gift that Colby gave him, but a gift is a gift, and it turned out to be a Special Day after all. Check here to watch more gay porn with Colby Keller