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Gay porn with Johnny Rapid

Thursday, August 25th, 2016

Johnny Rapid rubs his gay ass over Paddy’s probing tongue and, when he feels Paddy’s tongue piercing through his wet hole, he cries out with extreme excitement. Johnny carries on moaning and groaning as Paddy gets him on his back and sucks his thick, eight and a half inch dick which throbs dangerously close to cumming down Paddy’s contracting throat.
With petals all around his hard muscular body, Johnny brings his knees up to his chest, and as he does this, he can feel his asshole spreading wide open in readiness for Paddy’s aching hard dick. The sounds of their love making fill their ears as Paddy sinks his hard dick into Johnny’ s moist hot hole and fucks his hole in the missionary position. Johnny can’t stop himself from crying out as his prostate gets banged time and time again.
As they swap positions, Paddy sits up and Johnny climbs on to his gay cock in the reverse cowboy style, and rides him towards the winning post. Feeling that big dick pounding deep inside him makes Johnny Grey’s balls tighten up and as Paddy looks down, he sees the hot cum squirting out of Johnny’s throbbing cock hole and landing on his smooth tattooed chest. Paddy Todd stands up and after pouring cum all over Johnny’s chest and neck, he leans forward and with Johnny’s lips coated with his fresh cum, they kiss and share his cum in their hot mouths.
Johnny Rapid is a smooth chested tattooed young man who loves to stroke his eight and a half inch cut cock on camera. In fact, there is a great video on the internet where he fingers his asshole, and the blast of cum that explodes out of his throbbing dick is so fast that it topples the camera over as it hit it. Johnny is a five feet six inch versatile bottom , has brown hair, amazing bright blue eyes and has starred in seven hardcore flicks for
Paddy oBrian has starred in 17 hardcore movies for, and in his last movie he lays on his back in tux and gets fucked by Conner Maguire in ‘The Groomsmen Part 3’ Paddy is a six foot one inch hunk with blonde hair and blue eyes. He loves gay porn but gets his ass fucked depending on the situation and guy.

The pornstars in “My Brother The Hooker Part 2″

Tuesday, August 16th, 2016

This maybe Sam Barclay’s first porn movie with but he has been with other companies and was nominated no fewer than ten times for the ‘Prowler’ 2014 awards for Best Stud. Sam is British and comes from Edinburgh. He is six foot tall with a handsome young face with brown hair and hazel eyes. He is a versatile bottom and has a seven and a half inch uncut dick.
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