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Str8 To Gay with gay pornstar Johnny Rapid

Monday, June 29th, 2015

johnnyrapid‘Str8 To Gay’ show you all kinds of fantasies thanks to the award winning team Have you ever looked in the mirror and wanted to turn the clock, or even the years back? Make a wish and see what happens, you just never know if it will come true or not. This first episode of a brand new hardcore series stars Johnny Rapid and Seth Santoro.
This series starts off with a mature man in the park. He is a bit fed up as he still feels horny, but he feels invisible as his body has changed over the years. He tries to pick up a good looking man, but the man doesn’t want to know him. He goes home frustrated and asks both God and the Devil if they could turn back the years so he can have a life again.
He falls asleep, and when he wakes up he looks in the mirror, he has turned into the straight guy (Johnny Rapid) who turned him down in the park. He is hot stuff and he knows it. He wants to use his new body straight away and goes back to the park he normally gets turned away from. He wears just a pair of shorts showing of his muscular tattooed body and he lies down in front of a handsome stud, Seth Santoro. He asks Seth if he can rub some suntan lotion over his back, Seth jumps at the chance and asks him if he is the same guy living in his apartment with his girlfriend. Johnny replies by turning around and kissing him full on the lips out in the open, and in public.
The next scene sees them kissing even more passionately back in Seth’s apartment. Johnny lies down on his back and Seth takes his shorts off. He gets between his powerful thighs and sucks on Johnny’s young, hard cock. Johnny hasn’t felt anything like this in years and his cock throbs with the feel of Seth’s tight wet mouth sucking, and jerking him off. Johnny moans in complete ecstasy as Seth takes his balls into his month one at a time, which stretches his ball sack to the limit. Johnny then stands up and we can see him wet and lubed up. Johnny’s cock is at it drips with Seth’s spit as he takes the full length of his cock into his month.
Johnny wants even more, his pent up frustration over the years is all coming out. He wants to Fuck Seth’s ass. Seth turns around and gets on his knees as Johnny pushes his cock straight in and fucks him doggy style.
Both men grunt with pure pleasure as they fuck hard all over the bed and in various positions Seth Santoro yells out even louder as he jerks on his cock as he gets fucked in the missionary position. He feels his cock thicken in his hand and thick white globs of his cum land on his tight stomach. Johnny Rapid moves up to Seth’s handsome face and cums over Seth’s protruding tongue which sucks his cock dry afterwards.

This an awesome episode and I can’t wait to see who fucks who next.
Johnny Rapid is one sexy young man with a great body with some great tattoos. He is a top with a seven inch cut cock which loves fucking tight asses. He is five foot six inches tall and has short cropped brown hair and seductive brown eyes which just make you want to melt. He has starred in seven hardcore flicks for and his first one for them was back in December 2014 which also starred Nicoli Cole and it was called ‘Mistle Hoe.’ Nicoli Cole also happens to be a friend of Johnny’s on his Twitter page.
Seth Santoro is a versatile muscle man with a seven inch cut cock and an amazing tight ass. He is five foot eleven and has brown hair and brown eyes. Seth has been in six great flicks with and his first one was back in March 2015 and it was called ‘The Listener Part 3’ where he gets his ass drilled by Jarec Wentworth. Seth has over 31k followers on Twitter including Colby Jansen who is an exclusive model to